Structural Integration

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How could your body feel relaxed yet energetic?
Move with flexibility and with strength?
Experience less pain, stiffness or chronic stress?

Structural Integration can help with:

- Back and neck pain
- Postural problems
- Shoulder and rib problems
- Foot problems
- Hip pain
- Scoliosis
- Recovery from surgery

Injuries and life-long habits such as sitting at a computer, driving a car or caring for children can place chronic stress on the natural alignment of your body and prevent you from moving freely. Trauma, such as car accidents and sports injuries can lead to stiffness and pain. Long periods of emotional stress can deplete the body’s natural resources and confidence. Pain and strain is the way your body communicates to you that it is out of balance.

Many people can enhance their lifestyle with structural integration (SI). SI can improve:

- Self awareness and development
- Their body’s potential for freedom of movement
- Increase balance
- Athletic performance
- Dance performance
- Emotional expressiveness

Structural integration focuses on releasing fascia, your complex connective tissue system by using slow and varied pressure through various layers of tissue and asking you to provide thoughtful micro-movements, to create smooth functioning relationships between different body parts. Joint mobilisation, education and body awareness are also used to release physical restrictions and enhance adaptability and resilience. It is a process of 10 sessions. Each Structural Integration session builds upon the results of the previous one creating a cumulative result. The first seven sessions releases strain from hips, lower back and neck etc while the final three sessions work to integrate the body as a whole, improving balance and movement fluidity. Where there has been profound trauma, more sessions may be required to restore the body to balance.

Your body is shaped by the way you use it and responds by shaping how you move throughout your day.

Benefits of Structural Integration include:

- less pain
- movement is more fluid and efficient
- breathing is easier
- good posture is more effortless
- increased energy levels with more economical movement patterns
- increased relaxation, decreased feelings of stress

Sessions are 90 minutes and cost $117.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is connective tissue that is throughout your whole body. It wraps around each muscle fiber and is what gives your body structure / posture. It is full of nerve endings that respond to different types of pressure, angle of pressure and speed of pressure.

Do you want to know more about Fascia?

Do you want to experience pain relief but not a 10 session series?

Manual Therapy – Myofascial Release

Myofascial release combined with joint mobilisations is an effective way to unravel strain in your body to relieve pain and increase movement.
The amount of pressure used and techniques applied varies. A practitioner may use slow, deep, lengthening movements, or constant applied pressure. You may also be asked to move as pressure is applied or to stand and move during a session.
When tissue is being released, you may experience a variety of sensations from warm and pleasant to uncomfortable. Your practitioner will apply appropriate pressure during the session based on your feedback so the session is under your control.

60 minutes $83.00
90 minutes $115.00

Scar Tissue?

“Scar Work is light, casual, and wonderfully effective on all kinds of scars. There are over twenty unique techniques that smooth out uneven lumps, bumps, ridges, strings, gaps, and holes painlessly and permanently. Re-establishing the resilient three dimensional quality of the fascial web creates better functioning. With the restrictions and adhesions of a scar resolved, impaired nerves regain sensation and internal organ functions normalize. Not to mention the cosmetic effect is a sheer delight.” Sharon Wheeler, Rolfer

Common scars that can have effective results:

- Burn scars
- Cesarian scars
- Mastectomy scars
- Scar from the removal of Parotid gland tumor
- And many more

When can Scar Work be applied?

Scars that have been there for a while, such as 20 years, are completely workable and receive the same results as working with recent scars. For new scars, 6 weeks after the stitches have been removed is a safe precaution time. It is best for you to wait until your Doctor advises to have regular massage to begin work on the scar.

Benefits include shortening the duration of possible pain, nerve and physical distortion experienced from the scar.

Time required for a session?

Depending on the size of your scar will determine the duration of treatment to resolve the tissue and nerve dysfunction. Small scars may take a few minutes. However larger and more involved scars may require 60 minutes or more. Burn scars require several sessions.
Scar work can be included within a remedial massage, manual therapy or Structural Integration session.

To watch a video of scar tissue work please watch at :

Integrative Movement Classes

Learn how to help your own body move more comfortably with gentle exercises. These classes educate you on how your structure works and how with awareness you can use your body more effectively.

Meet your practitioner

Your Therapist is Andrea Randall. Andrea is a qualified Structural Integration Therapist and Musculoskeletal Therapist.

Andrea approaches your healing process by working with you as a learning team. Together you will learn the limitations of your structure and work to know the best way for you to self-care for your discomfort. Andrea believes that each person’s structural alignment is a multidimensional consideration - there is an evolving learning potential to release restriction and pain, align, coordinate and strengthen a new balance.

Andrea completed a workshop with Sharron Wheeler in June 2014 and is certified to provide scar tissue therapy.

Andrea has attended various workshops internationally focusing on ribs, feet and the connectivity of fascia.

In 2014 Andrea worked as part of a team in Spain providing care to Swedish patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Andrea’s membership affiliations include Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) and International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI). If you have any questions, Andrea will happily respond to your phone call, please phone 3249 5333.

Unwinding the Pattern of Rheumatism Published in the IASI 2015 Yearbook of Structural Integration:

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