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The Speech Pathologists at Tyack Health provide assessment and individualised therapy to children in relation to:

  • Speech sounds
    e.g. sound errors (e.g. ‘tar’ for ‘car’), difficulty making mouth movements or sequences required for speech
  • Receptive language
    e.g. difficulty learning concepts, following directions, understanding questions
  • Expressive language
    e.g. limited vocabulary, poor grammar, word finding problems, use short simple sentences
  • Social skills
    e.g. difficulty with conversations, making friends, misunderstand facial expressions, use humour incorrectly, too passive when resolving conflict
  • Fluency
    e.g. repetition of sounds, syllables words or phrases (e.g. ‘rrrrrrabbit,’ ‘I, I, I, I want to ..’), blocks (i.e. ‘get stuck’ and can’t say the sound or word)
  • Auditory Processing
    Able to hear sounds clearly but unable to process or interpret that information properly
    e.g. difficulty following instructions, sequencing ideas, remembering information, may be easily distracted
  • Literacy
    e.g. difficulty with rhyming, sound to letter association, sounding and blending words, knowing the alphabet

Additional services that are available include:

  • Small group therapy programs
  • Joint Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology sessions
  • Home and school visits
  • Providing consultative support and education to parents/carers, teachers and other service providers
  • Designing resources (e.g. visuals supports, social stories) to support the child in another setting

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Areas Serviced:

Birkdale, Bulimba, Camp Hill, Cannon Hill, Capalaba, Carina Heights, Carindale, Chandler, Cleveland, Hawthorne, Hemmant, Lota, Lytton, Manly, Morningside, Murarrie, Ormiston, Redland Bay, Sheldon, Thornlands, Thornside, Tingalpa, Victoria Point, Wakerley, Wynnum, Wynnum West.

Address: 148 Radford Rd, Manly West Brisbane QLD 4179
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