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Jacqui Palmer

APD (Paediatric Dietitian)

Jacqui’s deep appreciation for food and the significance it plays in our lives as a source of happiness, energy, vitality and social connectedness is why Dietetics stood out as her calling. In particular Jacqui found her deepest fulfilment working with children who struggle with challenging food issues. Paediatric Dietetics is very specialized and Jacqui has dedicated her career to deep diving into this area, constantly updating her approach as new cutting edge research reveals better ways to overcome the food issues faced by growing numbers of children.

Unravelling the unique challenges each individual child and their families face is often like doing detective work. The smallest improvement can reveal a complete breakthrough to new improvements. It is both challenging and rewarding work for Jacqui, watching children go from struggling to thriving. Jacqui has worked as an acute paediatric Dietitian in London, France and Australia in both hospitals and in private practice. Her wealth of knowledge and desire to make a lasting difference for her patients and their families is evident in her willingness to go the extra mile for her patients. Her special interests include, food allergies, food intolerance, feeding difficulties, food refusal, weaning, faltering growth and general nutrition.