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Tyack Health Team Philosophy

Forty-six years ago when Julia Tyack (founder of Tyack Health) first started the practice she treated many patients who had tried many different health treatment options, often to no avail. They usually had chronic and very complex problems. Treating by herself, Julia made some improvement, but knew a different approach was needed to get the results she so passionately desired to achieve for these patients. What she discovered was the power of using the right team working together in the right ways.

When patients with complex problems were treated holistically by a collective of highly skilled practitioners, the complex web of health issues was unraveled and dissolved quickly for so many cases. These outcomes were very exciting because this same unique process could also be applied to patients with less serious complaints as well.

As a result word spread about Tyack Health and today it has grown to become one of the largest teams in Brisbane. Included in the team is 6 Chiropractors, an Osteopath and 23 Massage Assistants working together. In addition to the team, we have 36 other Medical and Allied Health practitioners on team to support improved patient care when required.

Tyack Health provides gentle and effective evidence based musculoskeletal treatment. We are proud to stand apart from most other clinics in philosophy, providing an in depth treatment experience and strong clinical outcome focus. Our entire team aims to achieve faster relief in fewer visits and stabilise the problem to prevent it from returning.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your health goals.

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Address: 148 Radford Rd, Manly West Brisbane QLD 4179
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