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Types of Massage

Remedial Massage
A therapeutic massage for the treatment of various injuries, maintenance for active people, and postural alignment problems.

Swedish Massage
A gentle massage using light pressure to stimulate relaxation and stress relief.

Musculoskeletal Therapy
A therapy with a broad knowledge base of conditions, prevents and alleviates musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain enhancing movement and function.  The care given uses assessment techniques to provide a unique treatment using a variety of soft tissue techniques with additional components if required such as myofascial dry needling, cupping techniques and exercises.

Sports Massage
A massage used as pre-event and post-event treatment and for the recovery of sports and accidental injury.

Deep Tissue Massage
A massage using firm deep pressure to lengthen shortened muscle fibres and to aid in optimal muscular function.

Trigger Point Therapy
A technique using applied pressure to specific areas of tense muscles to relieve spasm and referred pain.

Pre and Post Natal Massage
A massage specifically designed to relieve back and neck pain and to promote healthy circulation during pregnancy.  Also for pain and stress relief for nursing mothers.

Lymphatic Drainage
A very gentle 1½ hour treatment that encourages the lymphatic system to function efficiently.  It is especially effective in removing toxins and swelling in post-operative or post-injury cases.

Structural Integration - Andrea Randall
As we age our body shapes and movement patterns change, mobility decreases along with agility. This often only becomes a noticeable problem when you can no longer do the things you normally would. What was once so easy now is more difficult to do free from pain and discomfort.

If you would like to move with more ease and efficiency, play sport at an improved level, breathe easier, have better posture and increased energy then Structural Integration could be just right for you. To allow this specialized treatment process to be fully effective you would need to commit to 10 sessions of Structural Integration.

Structural Integration is a therapy involving a variety of techniques and pressure to lengthen and reposition the fascia (connective tissue around muscle) and the body to restore postural balance and enable you to move more easily. During the massage treatment you may be asked to move while pressure is applied to help change unhealthy movement patterns that cause you discomfort.

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