Head Lice - 2 New Poison-Free Solutions for an Itchy Problem

When most effective treatments are often more harmful than the problem it’s great news to hear of new non-toxic solutions coming onto the market. When those in the know like specialist Nit treatment salon owner Roslyn Williams, says she’s heard it all. “I’ve talked to clients that have tried everything from Frontline flea killer to petrol, kerosene, mayonnaise, coconut oil or frozen conditioner – none of which work and many of which are very dangerous.”

Novokid in Israel is about to release their kit onto the market which contains disposable capsules of a natural vinegar-based solution, which are connected to a vaporising device that blows the dry particles into a hair cap, suffocating the lice within 10 minutes. No shampooing is necessary. Warning – do not assume you can use house hold vinegar as it will cause blindness if it gets in the eyes and is not an effective treatment.

ParaSonic has developed a patented comb-like device featuring rows of teeth made of electrical creosote ceramic material that produces ultrasonic waves meant to destroy head lice and their eggs in a single combing. The mechanism does not allow for the lice to develop resistance as they do to chemicals.

– Israel21c

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