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Combining Naturopathy and Homeopathy

The diverse and inclusive nature of the art of naturopathic healing, has seen the core naturopathic modalities of herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and nutritional supplementation combined in clinical practice with homeopathy and iridology. Being able to combine several modalities allows greater flexibility and multiple treatment options which bolsters the positive impact achievable on the body.

As both Homeopathy and Naturopathy focuses on a much more holistic approach, the patient will find that consultations are much more in depth than what they may be used to from conventional consultation with a general practitioner. As a result of deeper investigation and communication with the practitioner, the patient will grow a deeper appreciation and understanding of the intricate and delicate balance strived for and how such a balance can lead to improved health.

Homeopathic medicine can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine and the patient may, as he or she and their practitioner notice improvement, discuss the possibility of a controlled reduction of their conventional medicine with their general practitioner.

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