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The Principles of Naturopathy (The Six Maxims)

The Healing Power of Nature
Naturopathy accepts and understands the power of nature. As nature regenerates itself without the need for human intervention, so does the human body. The naturopath’s role is to facilitate and support the body’s natural ability to heal.

Identify and Treat the Cause
Symptoms are regarded as indicators of disharmony in the body. The underlying cause of the symptoms are treated, not merely the symptoms themselves.

Treat the Whole Person
Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, familial and occupational factors all play a role in a person’s pattern of health, and should all therefore be taken into account for effective treatment.

First Do No Harm
Naturopathic treatment is essentially non-invasive and avoids the suppression of symptoms and the prescription of medicines that can be harmful to the body.

Doctor as Teacher
From Latin, the word doctor originally meant ‘teacher’. The naturopath seeks to educate and inspire the patient to understand their body and strive for a healthier lifestyle.

In contrast with the sickness-focused healthcare system, the naturopath can assist the patient in avoiding common healthcare problems before they appear.


A Naturopath is a health & lifestyle coach proficient in the application of herbal medicines, nutrition remedies, lifestyle & stress management techniques. The Naturopathic philosophy is based on improving the bodies' functional capacity in a world of ever increasing toxic burdens. Your consultation aims to empower you with tools to better manage your personal health goals.

A naturopathic approach can assist with:-

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Mood & Memory improvement
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Digestive irregularities
  • Pre-natal planning & Pregnancy care
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Childhood health
  • Degenerative joint issues or chronic pain
  • Weight regulation
  • Sports related nutritional support individualized to your metabolic type.

When your health is on the decline, there is much effort involved in halting any further deterioration & managing everyday symptoms. Living in Western Society, we can no longer assume that the status quo will afford us good health. Each of us has unique set points which buffer against stress, emotional upsets, chemical toxicity, poor detoxification or elimination. However, we will exhibit symptoms, if/when these set points are exceeded. Symptoms should always be seen as a sign for action! For example, pain from a cut is a signal aimed at exacting a response. If this pain signal is ignored & glass/foreign matter is left in the wound, inflammation/infection can spread & the pain worsen. If you remove the glass/foreign matter (stressor) from the wound, the body has an innate ability to heal the area and the "pain signal" will lessen & eventually cease. Likewise, even common symptoms like fatigue are telling your mind to seek out the causative factors to return to balance.

In your consultation we will look to identify patterns placing a burden on your wellbeing.

1. Causative factors that enhance your susceptibility to certain illness patterns.

2. Triggers which initiate the cascade into poor health.

3. Mediators which maintain ill health.

4. Stressors that come in many hidden forms.

We then have a framework from which to target change, and foster better health into the future.

Action plan steps that may be suggested include:-

1. The avoidance of reactive foods, chemical and carcinogenic deregulators.

2. The inclusion of organic whole foods, to minimize pesticide accumulation & improve nutritional intake.

3. Routine changes in sync with nature's biorhythms.

4. Improvement of elimination functions.

5. Stress response regulation for improved mental-emotional wellbeing.

6. Lifestyle practices that foster awareness of the mind-body connection.

The following clinical tools are available & used to gauge where your body's homeostatic balance points are:

1. Live Blood View

2. Flow system check including metabolic type panel

3. pH testing

4. Vitamin C test

5. Iris analysis

6. Functional pathology testing.


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