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Brisbane Podiatrists Who Specialize In Treating Foot Problems That Have Been Mistreated.

Most podiatry patients don’t know exactly what is wrong with their feet so don’t know good advice from bad. The only true measure is the long term outcome.

In our experience some clinics appear to operate with the theory that almost everyone could get some slight benefit from orthotics so aim to persuade as many people as they can into acquiring them. On top of that they sell expensive shoes to fit the orthotics in. Aside from the unnecessary outlay, poor outcomes can often be experienced because the underlying cause of the issue is not adequately addressed. Another observation from assessing patients that have acquired problematic orthotics (unnecessarily or not) is poor management of the skeletal structural changes orthotics create by altering the positioning of the hips and spine. These changes potentially result in replacing the foot pain with back pain.

The latest research does not support this blanket approach to the use of orthotics and neither do the Podiatrists at Tyack Health. While there are foot conditions that do benefit enormously from orthotics it is the minority that actually need them.

At Tyack Health our motto is “orthotics a last resort”. With proper functional assessment and a blend of exercise based interventions, simple shoe wedges (that only cost a few dollars) and some sound advice about appropriate shoes (Please note: we don’t sell shoes so don’t have a vested interest in recommending the right ones) many seemingly complex foot issues can be resolved inexpensively with excellent long term outcomes.

If you’ve never seen a podiatrist but need to, currently seeing a podiatrist and not excited about the outcomes or are contemplating orthotics and expensive and not so attractive ‘Podiatry Shoes’. Save yourself some real money and hassle by simply booking an appointment with us today and getting a different opinion. You’ll benefit from being empowered to make the right choice with a range of suitable options and this will lead you to getting the best outcome long term.

Problems with your feet can impact enormously on the way you move and ultimately how much you enjoy life.  Our podiatrists adopt state of the art techniques to address the specific needs of the individual.  

Our Podiatrists can help with a range of conditions including:
• Flat feet;
• Paediatrics;
• Orthotics;
• In-toeing/out-toeing;
• General foot pain;
• Knock knees and bow legs;
• Growing pains : Sever’s Osgood-Schlatters;
• Musculoskeletal problems;
• General foot care;
• Diabetic assessment and care;
• Workplace footwear;
• Footwear advice.

Podiatry patients participate in a complete system of assessment and treatment, which aims at treating all of the different aspects of the condition.  Podiatrists utilise broad varying techniques, which depend on the individual’s requirements.  The overall goal is to resolve symptoms and maintain the foot function by achieving the best structural posture.  Your treatment program will take into account the nature of your condition and your own personal commitments to provide you with the best possible outcome.


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